Tokyoflash Watches Offer Time With an Edge

When one thinks of Japanese design and technology, one usually thinks “conservative and reliable.”  That’s pretty much how Japanese manufacturing has been since the end of World War II.  The country produces high quality products that work well, but which usually do not inspire awe when it comes to design.

They make very good products that are often affordably priced, but when it comes to design, especially in watches, the Japanese have long been followers, rather than leaders.  That’s not criticism, but many Japanese-made watches are made from designs that were inspired by Swiss models, and perhaps improved or perfected in some way.

Tokyoflash Spider Acetate LCD
Tokyoflash Spider Acetate LCD

Tokyoflash watches may change the way the world thinks about that.  The small company makes watches and sells them directly from their Website.  In fact, that is the only way you can buy Tokyoflash watches, because they say that their designs are too complex to allow them to sell them wholesale.

They are complex.  In fact, if not for the fact that they fit around your wrist as any other wristwatch might, you would probably have difficulty identifying many Tokyoflash watches as a watch at all.

Their models are all quartz electronic, and many have LCD displays.  These are not, however, your standard LCD displays that have been around for the past few decades.

Tokyoflash watches have incredible design and appear to have been designed by people who had the intention of making it as difficult as possible to look at the watch and tell the time.  That isn’t necessarily a bad thing; some people like to follow the beat of a different drummer, and they want something different, even in a watch.

Not everyone has to own a Citizen watch, you know.

Tokyoflash Geomesh
Tokyoflash Geomesh

Tokyoflash watches are all designed as limited editions.  How limited?  I do not know.  When they are not available for sale any longer, they are moved from the “Watches” section of their Website to the “Museum” section of the site.  You can still look at the watches in the museum, but you can no longer buy them.

One of the more interesting models from Tokyoflash is their Liquid Metal watch, which has drops of a material that they call “Metallium” floating around the watch face.  Two of the drops always maintain their position, so you can tell the time on what might loosely be called an analog display.  The other blob of metal just floats around as you move.

The Spider Transparent LCD watch has a transparent face, so when you are wearing it, you can see your wrist underneath it.  The watch also has a rather unusual LCD display that shows the time in a rather cryptic way.  Fortunately, the watch does come with an instruction manual that allows you to learn how to read it.

The Geomesh looks more like it might be a walkie talkie or some other communications device.  Like the Spider, it tells time in an unusual way – this time, showing odd geometric patterns.  With practice, you can learn to tell the time on the Geomesh quickly.

Tokyoflash doesn’t seem to be too concerned with selling a lot of watches.  They build what they like and they appear to sell what they build.  If you are looking for something very unusual in a Japanese watch, Tokyoflash is worth a look.

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